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Who Sent the Message in a Bottle?

Images of the postcard found inside the bottle. Credit: Marta Skrettingland.

Mystery surrounds the sender of a message in a bottle which washed up on the coast of Norway.

Marta Skrettingland found the bottle close to a place called Vigrestad in Rogaland, Norway. 

Inside the bottle was a postcard from N.V us Cards on Carter Gate in Newark, which features a picture of Newark Castle on the front.

On the back of the postcard is the message "Hello from the Midlands! We are a caver, a dancer, two cats, a guinea pig, and a hamster! Thank you for finding our message in a bottle! Sent into the English Channel on December 12, 2015"

Photo Credit: Marta Skrettingland

Marta and two friends were walking by the sea when they suddenly caught sight of a tiny glass bottle between the rocks. Thinking it was trash, they went over to pick it up and were surprised to find a postcard inside. Marta says "When we were younger we used to search for bottles with messages inside, but of course we never found any."

Do you know anything about this message in a bottle. Can you help us to unravel the mystery and track down the sender?

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