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Evie Hoggard

Birthdate: 2 November 1996

Where have you worked before? I work on the family farm and worked in a garden centre tearoom.

Movie: Bridget Jones

Born: Kings Mill Hospital

First job: Working on the market stall in Newark selling vegetables

Best holiday: I’ve stayed with a lovely family in Spain for 10 days on an exchange in the last two summers, it’s an incredible way to see a country and learn a new language.

Favourite sound: The sound of my car engine starting because I can never quite trust it!

Least favourite sound: The phone ringing… years of people calling the house to tell us some cows have escaped have made me dread hearing the phone.

Partner: An empty slot at the moment, job description should probably include some form of hearing loss or being incredibly patient as I can talk the hind leg off a donkey

Pets: Two dogs, two goldfish and four cats plus a host of chickens

Kids: None, thank goodness!

You like: Chocolate, reading and singing

You dislike: Keeping quiet, clothes shopping and my phone running out of charge

As a child what did you want to be when you grew up? I was desperate to be an actress in the West End until I did work experience in a theatre and got a huge reality check!

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