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June Rowlands

Birthdate: The one question a lady NEVER answers (well, honestly at least!) – suffice to say if I was a bottle of wine, you couldn’t afford me…and if I was a bottle of whiskey, you couldn’t handle me!

Where have you worked before? Here, there and everywhere: from Liverpool to London to Lincoln, Nottingham to Newark and the United Arab Emirates – and these days in my home office (aka the dining room) or in the coffee shops of Newark

Movie: Dirty Dancing of course!

Born: Nottingham

First job: Flight announcer at Speke (now John Lennon) Airport

Best holiday: The beautiful Amalfi Coast of Italy – every one of the 10 I’ve had there so far – and no doubt number 11 next year will be just as wonderful… Guiseppe Verdi beat me to it when he said ‘You may have the universe if I may have Italy’…

Favourite sound: My own voice – what else would you expect of a radio presenter? – closely followed by that of my personal trainer Dean Sugden when he admits defeat yet again on the leg throwdowns!

Least favourite sounds: Dean’s voice on the (very rare) occasions he manages to get the upper hand on the throwdowns!

Partner/Pets/Kids: Not at the moment/not any longer/never!

You like: Shopping, weight training, shopping, reading – oh, and did I mention shopping?

You dislike: Gin, housework and seeing apostrophes used incorrectly

As a child what did you want to be when you grew up? Old enough to own a credit card

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