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Catchy Jingles

During a conversation at the weekend with friends, we got to discussing old catchy and memorable commercials and jingles. The first example we came up with was the old "Three Little Pigs" commercial for Coldseal Windows.

We all know a catchy jingle from a tv or radio commercial from years gone by that we can't help but sing everytime you go shopping and see the product.  Actually, 45% of us say it pops into our heads against our will!

In a recent survey, the number one jingle has turned out to be Cornetto’s “Just One Cornetto, give it to me”, an advert that ran during the 1980s.

Go compare took second place, with a jingle sung by opera singer Gio Compario. Third place went to "P-P-P-Pick up a Penguin" and "A Mars a day" was fourth.

Chicken Tonight’s jingle "I feel like Chicken Tonight" completed the top five, despite the advert having not aired on British television since 2000.all all thrown 

What old catchy jingles and commercials do you remember from years gone by?


Hayley Woolford on Facebook was a fan of the old Vitalite commercial:

Janet on the text clearly remembers the old Country Life Butter commercial:

Taxi driver Steve fondly remembers the Shake n' Vac commercial:

Sophie listening via the Radio Newark App can still remember all the lyrics to this gem from Milky Way:

David on Wood Street in Newark fondly recalls the commercial for R White's Lemonade: