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How Long Does it really Take to get Ready?

How long does it really take you to get yourself ready to leave the house in the morning? Maybe you've never really given it much thought but if you were to stop and think about it for a minute, how long does it really take?

Do you, like Matt, simply jump out of bed, into the shower, throw on some clothes, brush your teeth and run out the door? Or, like Vicky, do you have a rather lengthy and gruelling morning regime that's required in order to get that 'ready for anything life can throw at you' look?

According to the latest research, it takes the typical women 29 minutes of painstaking makeup application to get a natural look, with 86% of women say they work as hard as they can to look fresh-faced despite using a host of products and techniques.

But it takes an average of ten makeup items and processes to look so flawless, and a fifth admit they probably use MORE products to look natural than they do for a heavy made-up look.

Concealer, primer, loose powder, foundation and blusher are the most popular products women apply to their face each morning, while eyes and lips are highlighted with discreet tints and shadows, mascaras, eye pencils, lip balms and nude lipsticks.

The study shows a third of women often watch online tutorials and read tips on how to achieve a more fresh faced appearance, taking inspiration from makeup artists to recreate the no-makeup makeup look.

Honestly, how long does it really take you to get ready?