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A Battle With Social Media Addiction!

Thursday 17th November, 7.30pm - I've cracked!  I just couldn't do it any longer... I feel disconnected and bored without knowing whats going on in social media land.  Within a minute my friend text me to ask why I was suddenly on Facebook.  Feeling a little disheartened now though, after spending a good 30 minutes scrolling through news feeds, i've now realised i'm bored and haven't actually missed anything.  Lesson learnt - I don't need Facebook constantly and if someone wants to speak to me then they'll pick up the phone.

Thursday 17th November, 9.10am - Is it only Thursday?!  This week is really dragging! The only positive is my phone and tablet battery are lasting a full day, and that is the only positive! I'm bored and disconnected from the world... Another long day ahead...

Wednesday 16th November, 9.30pm - Just got back from my first ever rugby training session, which I loved!  Contact sports aren't really my thing so I was a little concerned but apart from apologising everytime we dived into each other, it was fab.  I'm on a bit of a high and I REALLY want to tell everyone what i've done tonight but with no social media, it's pretty tough.  I didn't even bother to take a selfie! I don't think friends and family would appreciate a call at this time of night from me, it'd be quite unusual and probably panic them by thinking there's a problem :-/

Wednesday 16th November, 7.30am - I'm feeling completely cut off from the world!  I feel like everyone knows what's happening and i'm the outcast.  Normally i'd have a nosey on Facebook for news/celebrity gossip and needless to say I don't even know what Kim Kardashian is up to this week...  The bonus is that I have a LOT of time on my hands.

Tuesday 15th November, 1.15pm - I was dreading lunchtime, yesterday was just odd not sitting on my phone scrolling through the morning's gossip whilst eating.  Even my friend is getting frustrated that she can't tag me in posts and she's had to actually speak to me! What a shocker! :-) It's not been too bad today but then saying that i'm sat with a group of people talking about our Children in Need plans.  I still have 59% battery life too!

Tuesday 15th November, 4.45am - My usual routine once my alarm goes off is to have a browse through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to see if i've missed anything overnight.  For the first time since starting the social media ban have I found myself at a complete loss with time on my hands.  What does that mean... well I can tell you that I had a good house cleaning session before work!  Do I really spend so much time reading non important Facebook updates?!

Monday 14th November, 8.45pm - I went to the gym just for something to do!  This has never happened, I've never chosen to go to the gym for an extra day when I didn't have to! The weirdest thing is actually watching the tv without the added distraction of 'catching up' on the day's events.  I'm so bored that i'm going to have an early night, not much else to do!

Monday 14th November, 4.30pm - I'm feeling pretty good, my phone battery still has 40% which is unheard of for this time of day!  I don't even feel like I'm missing out on the daily Facebook gossip... although I'm not sure how I'll feel when I get home later and chill out in front of the tv, which is when I'd normally catch up on Instagram too.

Monday 14th November, 12:30pm - So I normally sit and browse through social media whilst eating lunch.  Obviously this isn't the case for today, what an odd feeling! I've made it to lunchtime without 'checking in' and I'm a little worried about what I've missed out on.  It's a weird feeling making actual conversation without listening half heartedly :-)  

Monday 14th November, 10:03am - After two hours of no social media I feel like I'm cracking up!  I don't actually know what to do with myself.  I hadn't actually realised how much time I spend scrolling through newsfeeds for the first few hours of my day... shocker!  I've pretty much spent the last two hours in a trance like state staring into space.  Having eaten more breakfast and drinking more tea than I'd usually, I'm just trying to find things to do to fill my time!  I mean I've already worked through my emails, categorised my notes and checked my calendar at least 8 times!  Maybe I just miss not having my phone constantly in hand to see that next twitter notification...