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The BEST Christmas movies according to Vicky...

After taking a look at the 'World's Top 70 Christmas Films' on Thursday Vicky was not impressed and didn't agree with the results.  

Having started getting her Christmas film fix back in September, she was not happy to learn that out of the 70, she's only seen 40 'Top Christmas films' and half of the films listed aren't, according to Vicky, even proper Christmas films so after much deliberation Vicky has created her own 'Top 20 Christmas Films'. Do you agree with her choices?


Vicky's Top 20 (actual) Christmas films

1. Home Alone
2. Love Actually
3. The Holiday
4. Home Alone: Lost in New York
5. Elf
6. Miracle on 34th Street 
7. The Santa Claus
8. National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation
9. Deck the Halls
10. Fred Claus
11. Christmas with the Kranks
12. Polar Express
13. Jack Frost
14. Arthur Christmas
15. Bad Santa
16. Jingle all the Way
17. The Grinch
18. Scrooged 
19. The Family Stone
20. The Muppet's Christmas Carol