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Mick Bradley

Birthdate: Too old to remember

Where have you worked before? Here, there and everywhere.

Movie: It would have to be a British film but never talk to me about Trainspotting, it was not what I was expecting!!! Anything by Richard Curtis if I’m honest.

Born: Balderton

First job: Same as last job - tractor parts.

Best holiday: There is only one place to go on holiday…. The Lizard, Cornwall, ENGLAND.

Favourite sound: Deltic two-tone horn

Least favourite sound: Margaret Thatcher announcing privatisation of British Rail!

Partner: Shazza

Pets: Shazza (she’s a keeper!)

Kids: One daughter, two grandchildren

You like: Cornwall, Deltics and now I'm falling in love with Northumberland.

You dislike: Almost everything

As a child what did you want to be when you grew up? Train Driver