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Ted Reynolds

The first time I ever spoke into a microphone was at the Hawton Road Army Camp in Newark in 1958!


I was a 17 year old new recruit doing my training as a B3 Wireless Operator with the Royal Signals learning the Morse code and how to communicate, the latter I’ve been working on ever since.


In the mid 60’s  while serving in the Middle East, and as not much more than a bit of a skive really, I managed to get myself invited to work at the Aden Forces Broadcasting Association, AFBA. Quite accidently I found that I’d stumbled into something I absolutely loved `Radio`. Sadly when I subsequently left the army I also had to say goodbye to broadcasting. That is until the mid 80’s when a new local BBC station opened up asking for volunteers so of course I jumped at it. I’m delighted to say that almost nonstop since then I’ve been broadcasting as a freelancer on local stations around the UK. 


My favourite gigs in that time have included a ten year stint presenting `Those Fabulous Fifties ` on the BBC’s stations in the Channel Islands. Plus 20 for over years being the main outside contributor to that very popular show `Gillham Gold` hosted to this day by one of my radio heroes Tony Gillham.

Nearly sixty years later and I’m delighted to report that here I am, back in Newark. Not only talking into a microphone once again but living full time in this brilliant town complete its own superb station Radio Newark.


So join me if you can between 10 pm and midnight every Sunday Evening. That’s when those MOR stars come out to play in an end of the week chill session that is sure to remind you of just how totally relaxing `Easy Listening`  music really is.