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Stuart Preston

My name is Stuart Preston and I present the “Tuesday Bluesday” show each week from 8pm – 10pm.


The more I listen to the music, read about it and watch documentaries on TV, the more I love it and realise that without `the Blues` there would be no modern music as we know it. How did the music of Black slaves and later, poor sharecroppers from the Southern States of America, have so much influence on what we listen to today?


I was born in Lancashire many years ago and grew up in the 1960`s when the British Blues Boom was taking place. Up and coming bands like the Rolling Stones, the Kinks and the Animals introduced the music to Britain and also to America where it originated! I was lucky enough to be able to see many of the original artists when they toured over here in the late 60`s – John Lee Hooker, Buddy Guy, Junior Wells, Bo Diddley, B B King etc.


I spent the last 4 years of the 1960`s in Nottingham at college, moved to live in Canada for 4 years and then came to Newark in 1974. I kept my interest in `the Blues` and have played in several bands locally and was on the committee which organised The Newark Blues Festival for 6 years.


I have had a show on local radio for many years and never tire of hearing new material and spreading the word about the music, hopefully to younger listeners.


If Elvis hadn`t have heard the music of the blues artists where he lived, there would be no Rock and Roll and a very different popular music today.


Keep listening!!