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Wish to advertise with Radio Newark? Yes

Believe it is expensive? Yes

Can we prove you wrong? Yes!!!


Advertising with Radio Newark is simple, effective and one of the easiest ways to catch the ears of both your existing and new clients, not forgetting  competitive  cheaper than some other media outlets out there.

If we say John Harrison Peugeot, what comes to your mind?  There it is, did you just sing Peugeot Peugeot Peugeot bad-am bum? We did that.

If we mention Taylor Motor Group - Did Jonny Cash come to your mind and that annoyingly catchy tune - yes we did that too.

If we said "Mummy's going to take me to get some of that special cake" - Yes, your correct - that is a line from The Turquoise Teapot.

Now, we are not going to blow our own trumpet, that's not us, who we are though, are a truly local dedicated media outlet looking to provide local businesses a platform to showcase your excellent products, and not just to the Newark area, but to Lincolnshire on DAB digital radio and of course everywhere via the website - not to mention our great mobile app (we cannot resist a cheap plug!)

Whilst we're at it, did you know advertising on Radio Newark is not just about the wireless, you can place colour adverts on both our website and mobile app and even have audio voiced by yourself! (eek slightly exciting and nerving eh?)

So why Lincolnshire for a station named Newark you ask?

It is a very good question, and the reason is this. People that live in the Newark area like to spend their hard earned cash with you, but also further afield in neighbouring towns, so by us promoting your brand, product, knowledge and expertise to those nearby towns, they come to visit you, putting money in your business, your neighbours business and in investing in our town.

We could go on all day about this, but we won't, why not fill in some details below and one of team will do the rest. We don't bite (unless it's feeding time) and we certainly do not pressure you into a sale or tell porky pies to make you sign the line. 


Anyway the requested bits are below, there are only a couple of boxes, well 7 to be truthful, but that's so few so you do not even need to make a brew!

Don't forget, if like us, talking is your thing, you can always call us on 01636 550533 and we can chat like they did pre-1990!

Speak soon!


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