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NLP & leading a happier life

Joining us this week in the studio we had the lovely Joe Roe. Joe is an NLP life coach, NLP is Neuro-Linguistic Programming, in a nutshell NLP is learning the language of the mind. During this recording we talk more about NLP how it can help us to understand the mind, leading hopefully to a more enjoyable life.

We also talk about Joes journey into her current line of work, why she got into it and how she got into it.
Like many of us therapists and coach’s Joe came into the “helping arena” through her own issues. We are commonly known as “Wounded healers” I feel a little ambivalent about the term, partly it is true, however, we are not really healers as much as we are guides or supports to assist people into areas of their life they cannot reach on their own. I often findit interesting that when we consider the word “help “if we need help with a chest infection or a broken leg, we normally have no hesitation in stepping forward and looking for assistance. Yet when we have an issue with our heads we struggle to step forward and seek out the assistance we need. This is getting better as time goes on, we are getting more comfortable with looking for the support we need, this in itself is amazing.

If I’m being honest, sometimes get a little uneasy at the range of mental health practitioners we now have. Mental health practitioners working under so many different titles “health and wellbeing coaches” “mind set coach” “counsellor” “coach” “psychotherapist” “mental health first aider” to name but a few.

So why am I so concerned?
My first concern is the confusion that may be being happening to an already miscommunicated and confused area (mental health) My other concern is that some, not all practitioners may be working out of their depth in terms of what issues are being dealt with. More often than not what is being presented will not be the base line issue. Sometimes the base line issue is much deeper than what is being presented. My hope is that the practitioner will recognise their own limits and know when to refer on. I’m also keen to say,I love that mental health is being talked about more, I love that we have more options now away from the traditional counselling and psychotherapy. But I do want it to be safe and that for you, the public, to get the very best service you can.
If you like, follow these very simple steps into checking that your chosen practitioner is right for you.

  • Ask who they are insured with and for a copy of their insurance certificate. Most insurance companies have their own criteria in terms of who they will insure, so why not use their criteria for your own purposes, perfect!

  • Ask how often they have supervision and who with.
    For me personally supervision is one of the most important elements of my month, withoutsupervision I feel I couldn’t practise. That of course isn’t true, I could practice but it wouldn’tfeel nearly as safe. Just having that person there who has more experience than me, helps me feel a little more informed and therefore safer.

Remember also that if you don’t enjoy your first experience with your chosen practitioner, itcould be they were not right for you. I would say the relationship in the room by the two people involved is the most important element, more so than the model or therapy being used.

I think it’s amazing that more support is being looked for, but please, it is really important that some level of safety is followed. The mind contains many years’ worth of memoriesand experiences, on more than one occasion I have worked with people who after doing a little digging have uncovered a memory or experience, they previously had no awareness of.

Therapy can be the most enlightening and amazing experience, as we gentle walk through past experience all sorts of things can be discovered and learned, this journey is much safer with an experienced guide to hold you safe, should you need it.

Joe and I also talked about labels, joe talks of her own experience of being given a label and how she felt about this, listen in to hear more about this.

As always if you think this podcast will benefit someone you know then please share.
If you would like to know more about any of the subjects covered in more detail, then please ask.
These podcasts are for you and we want them to cover areas of mental health you want to hear about.

As always please be very kind to yourself and those around you. Peace and love