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Kevin Guthrie

Each week, Kevin writes a blog to accompany the weekly mental health podcast.

Kevin provides some insight into the episode and some further thoughts on the episode after the recording has wrapped.

  • The effect of music on your body

    Today we look at the power of music on the body, our guest in the studio was Kari Olsen-Porterhouse (Liberty singer).

  • Is a pet help a help or hindrance?

    Today we look at the connection between animals and mental health, our guest in the studio was Em Birch animal behaver expert.

  • Is this you?

    Mental health from a wider perspective taking into account how we are interconnected from head to toe.

  • New Year, New You..?

    For the first podcast of the year, Josh Burkitt and Ellie Drewett joined me in the studio. Josh talks about what we see on social media and the reality of what we see. Ellie is a personal trainer so has lots of great words on staying motivated and on track to reach goals.

  • Planning the traditions

    Welcome to the second of three Christmas specials. Today in the hot seat is the lovely Alyce Bradbury from Peachy clean.
    During this recording we look at Christmas again. Alyce describes herself as “not a traditional Christmas girl”, I wonder what is “a traditional Christmas girl”?

  • It is really 'Thank God it's Christmas'?

    Welcome to the first of three Christmas specials. Today in the hot seat is the lovely Fran Tricarico from FutureCloud.
    Christmas seems to be becoming one of those things you either love or hate. I know of people who both hate it and love it, but why...?

  • Music is power

    Today we look at mental health and music, how both making and listening to music can be good for us.

  • A mental health experience - CBT

    Today’s guest is John Fretwell. John talked very openly about his own mental health story. It felt a real honour to hear this first-hand. A massive thank you to John for his bravery.

  • Menopause

    This week’s guest is the lovely Nik Davis, coach and writer. We talked about, menopause, self-care and human connection amongst other things.

  • Holy Mental Health!

    The Guru and the Reverend come together...

  • NLP & leading a happier life

    Joining us this week in the studio we had the lovely Joe Roe. Joe is an NLP life coach, NLP stands for: Neuro-Linguistic Programming, in a nutshell NLP is learning the language of the mind. During this recording we talk more about NLP how it can help us to understand the mind, leading hopefully to a more enjoyable life.

  • Social Care in Mental Health

    Social care in mental health

  • Does hypnotherapy hold the answer?

    Can hypnotherapy hold the key to a boost in mental health, or does it hold a secret key in a different way?

  • Help Us Grieve (HUG)

    HUG is an organisation that aims to help and support those people who have experienced baby loss.

  • Suicide Prevention Month

    Looking as lightly as we could into suicide prevention month It was a pleasure to be joined in the studio this week by Kon-ick Macfarlane-Hunt.

  • Gratitude

    How does gratitude help and support mental health?

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