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An Introduction to Kevin Guthrie

Health & Wellbeing

Monday, May 13th, 2019 - 24 minutes

Kevin Guthrie has many years’ experience of working with people, a history of around 25 years.

Moving from a role in the NHS 6 years ago into private practice. A job Kevin says feels like a dream come true, the ability to work with a client through their journey in a way that is best for them.

Kevin strongly believes in human potential for change he often uses the analogy “you wouldn't expect an orchid to grow in a darkened cupboard.” He believes with the correct surroundings and input we all have the potential of leading happier lives.

His reason for doing these podcasts is to try and break down some of the myths that surround mental health. He hopes that the podcasts will encourage people to talk more openly about their minds in the same way we would talk openly about a pain in our leg.

If you have any specific questions for Kevin then please ask, if you have any specific mental health subjects you would like us to cover, then please let us know and we will do our best to cover them.

There are two main streams to Kevin's work: the one to one he delivers in private practice and the work he delivers into business, he is always on the look our for businesses that believe their employees health and well being is at the heart of the business success.

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